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Damsel in Defense Door Alarm for Your House Safety

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Damsel in Defense door alarm is very suitable for you that want safety. There are some advantages of it. Excellence door alarm include: installation is very easy and flexible, without wires, simply taped to the door or window using a super double-sided tape that has been provided. It has the power of a very loud noise up to 90dB (A) that could be heard from a radius of pretty much and gives shock effects that create panic for thief. The battery is very durable and it can last up to 6-12 months. The battery is very durable because of reason. It reduces the battery power only when the alarm sounds. In addition, the alarm is also a product that is needed by all levels of society to maintain the security of the house. The product price is very affordable when compared with the benefits to maintain the security of the home and its contents, as well as anti-theft alarm products that are very popular all over the world.

To apply Damsel in Defense door alarm is very easy. First, attach the anti-theft alarm on the door or window by using the super double-sided tape that is already there. Second, attach the alarm sensors in the door frame or window by using the super double-sided tape that is already there, with a position parallel to the alarm. Third, test the alarm function by turning on the alarm switch to the "ON" position, then the door or window is opened. When the alarm sounds mean is correct installation. Fourth, the burglar alarm is very simple: whenever a door or window is opened, the alarm will sound. Because the sensors mounted on the frame of the door or window will be separated by an alarm mounted on the door or window. Alarms can also be mounted on sliding doors like a door in Japan.

This anti-theft alarm is made overseas. Damsel in Defense door alarm is a product 100% Import with technology by Japan. What is the purchase price of the anti-theft alarm? The wholesale price is Rp 7,500, - per unit with minimum purchase of 20 units. Super wholesale price is Rp 7,000, - per unit with minimum purchase of 60 units. While the selling price retail or consumer is 25.000, - until 50.000, - per unit. Potential profit also can be gained according to your taste. Is the selling price of expensive anti-theft alarm? No. Selling price of this defense door alarm is relatively cheap compared to the benefits and functionality of the product as a means of home security whose value is much higher. The selling price in Indonesia is also relatively affordable and inexpensive when compared to the selling price of similar products abroad with a retail price @ US $ 7.95.

With normal use, alarm battery of Damsel in Defense door alarm can last up to 1 year. Normal use here is not often attempted alarm sounding voice in a long time. You can also buy battery at the place of Damsel with the price of 0.05 USD - per unit. Price includes shipping with purchase records battery performed in conjunction with anti-theft alarm product order. You can check this blog :

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